Belize Adventure Tours

Caribbean Shores Utopia Tours

Belize is an extraordinary country with an exciting variety of adventures for you to enjoy. Caribbean Shores, along with Utopia Adventures, offers complete tour and travel services for the entire country of Belize. We will organize all your tours for you. Experience Diving, snorkeling and fishing tours to the world's second largest barrier reef. Explore the untouched tropical jungles teeming with wildlife, crisscrossed by rivers and hiding towering waterfalls and mystifying caves. Gaze at the towering mountain ranges while enjoying bird watching and hiking. 

Visit all of the Mayan ruins in Belize as well as many ancient Mayan Temple sites here in the Hopkins area. These Ruins were once occupied by an ancient culture that is still alive today in our little Mayan villages. Experience cave tubing through a ceremonial cave where the Mayan people once performed sacred rituals including human sacrifice. Experience bird watching at its best in Belize, where over 500 species have been identified. Canoe the tranquil jungle rivers as you enjoy chattering monkeys swinging in the trees, parrots and toucans flying by and all the natural wonders of Belize. Come explore with us!